Pre-show preview - CHINAPLAS 2018 CHINAPLAS


 2018 CHINAPLAS will be held from April 23rd to the 27th. Our company will bring its wholly-owned subsidiary, E-deodar robot, to stand at booth number 3E25.
    In recent years, Techmation has been aiming to create a total solution for intelligent manufacturing in the plastics processing industry. It has key core software, hardware technologies and products from the sensing layer, on-site manufacturing layer, and application layer, and is integrated along with intelligent information technology. Along the road of integration of intelligent information technology, with the application of injection molding machines as the starting point, we will continue to provide overall solutions to build the "Industry 4.0" of the rubber and plastics processing industry.

The exhibition will present the core of the overall solution: the data center, which will be interconnected by a new generation of SANDAL high-end controllers with power executive units, sensing and sensing units, automation equipment (take-out machines) and related auxiliary equipment and related auxiliary equipment. Established a production line control data center and auxiliary machine data center, and used iNet Data to integrate it with plant energy data, exchange, collect, and analyze data. Through the MES/ERP system for data exchange, collection and analysis, to create a factory intelligent manufacturing production line data center, to achieve closed-loop management of corporate data.
In addition to the above data center solutions for smart manufacturing lines, a full range of other press control systems are also presented, including next-generation extruder control systems, blow wall thickness integrated control systems, and high-precision intelligent servo turntable systems and other products and solutions.
    The new generation of extruder control system adopts aluminum milling panel. The drive realizes linkage and quick follow-up switching, and a variety of control modes coexist. Using NET/CAN and other communication methods to establish digital communication with the host computer, the control is more accurate and the operation is more convenient.

Welcome to Booth No. 3E25

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