Ranking of advantageous enterprises


     China Plastics Machinery Industry Association's ranking of advantageous enterprises in China's plastic machinery industry has come to an end. Techmation once again ranks first in the auxiliary machine and accessory parts industry. Since the association began to launch this selection campaign, the company has been ranked among the best in the years.

Plastic machinery is an industry that provides important technical equipment for the plastics processing industry. It is an important part of Chinese machinery industry and an important support for economic transformation in China. As a supplier of press control systems, servo systems and total solutions, Techmation has been intensively working in the fields of plastic machinery and plastics processing. This is the core business of the company and the main cornerstone of the company's development. The company will further increase the R&D investment and market development of product technology and strengthen the company's industry leading position. With the country's vigorous development of intelligent manufacturing as an opportunity, under the drive of "technical foundation + forward-looking vision", we will continue to meet the ever-changing market demand with more forward-looking innovative products and services, maintain the status of the industry, and lead the industry development. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the plastics manufacturing industry. 

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