Techmation participates in the presses customer exchange meeting of Haixiong


  On June 12th, 2018, Hongxiong held a "Five 15 Years" customer exchange meeting in Renqiu, Tianjin.Techmation was invited as the core supplier to this event. The company’s marketing vice president led to communicate with the largest sales service agents in the north, listening to the voice of users, sensing the needs of the frontline market, and arranging senior representatives to share knowledge about electrical control at the event site.
    Techmation has established close cooperation with Haixiong since its inception. Over the years we have witnessed the development and growth of Haixiong, and also participated in the magnificent development of Haixiong. From the perspective of sales revenue, Haixiong has already leapt to the third main customers of Techmation. With mutual trust and joint efforts, Haixiong has become a well-known domestic brand, and its product performance and brand reputation have steadily increased in the industry.

    In the future, Techmation will continue to perform the role of the core supplier of Haixiong. We will try our best to fulfill our business philosophy, innovation and quality products, and efficient and considerate service. We will continue to work with Haixiong for the next fifteen years. In the next fifteen years, we will again make a concerted effort to achieve common development and achieve a win-win situation.

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