Techmation won the second prize of science and technology progress awards


Recently, the 2017 Beilun District (Development Zone) science and technology progress awards list was released. 17 technical achievements were awarded, including 2 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 8 third prizes.

SANDAL, a distributed control system developed by Techmation won the second prize. This product is the first (set) product in the province's key equipment manufacturing industry in 2017.
    Techmation has invested heavily in SANDAL system development since 2006. The system is mainly used in high-end injection molding machines such as hybrid electric and electric motors. At present, techweb technology distributed control SANDAL control system HMI panel can be equipped with 12-inch or 15-inch full-color touch, the second generation of control host and servo drive system. SANDAL system assembly has been applied in many domestic machinery manufacturing plants, and its performance, stability and other comprehensive performance meet customer expectations and has been highly recognized and promoted by customers.

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