The painting of Guy Le Corre is that of a Provence or a magic Riviera. The one we all want to have in us and around us.
It is a painting of colors and idealized forms. A happy painting that exactly reflects the personality of this artist. It brings us joy and fragments of dreams.

When I look at her I feel serene and I go back to a youth where the sea, the flowers, the boats and the characters sang for me and for all the people I loved … Samir Sanad Basta, Writer
Colors in positive waves: Welcome on the terrace, facing the Big Blue § Move forward from the perspective of this painting: We enter from the outset on the ground floor in the daily life and intimacy of the house. The breakfast, above Saint-Tropez, a moment around a book … his subjects are sequences of snapshots taken around the house, a balcony or a large table in the heart of the garden. The sea, the nature, the flowers have a primordial place in the compositions of this haven of peace. Soothing places, conducive to small happiness that provide the day. The only human representations are always women, surprises in movement, in the moment, in the gaiety and freshness of the colors; colors raised in relief, carved in full matter to the “3D” of life. J-L Avril, Journalist the Universe of Arts

Guy Le Corre: the vision of happiness. After ten years of absence, Guy the Corre returns to the contact of his customers by settling in a workshop located in the village of Mougins. There, this artist, breathes on the old streets hundredenaires an air of good humor and cheerfulness that we had almost forgotten. No more conventional paintings with Provençal symbolism, for him it is simply the life that sings and is painted through multiple landscapes. Colors, there are everywhere, they bubble on the canvases and illuminate your face. Blue, yellow, red, green …. Karine Daniel, Journalist

Guy Le Corre has fun? It brings us back to our tender age – who has never felt the passion of coloring, of “paintingurlurer”? Many of us have enjoyed it. His Landscapes are imaginary, to do well it looks like “virtual”, its frank colors, born for the happiness of the eyes, innocent tube exits, delivered intact. Guy is true, sincere. Entered school, he came out free – Cezanne had said everything. It was up to Guy Le Corre to let his child’s heart speak. Not so easy ! To us to listen to it: available!